DJ Adé is a Dance music connoisseur dedicated to exploring themes of contemporary and classic sounds. Growing up on an eclectic diet of Caribbean music and Rhythm and Blues, sprinkled with some Country music provided by his parents’ record collection, DJ Adé is hard to pin down musically.

Inspired by the burgeoning hip-hop culture, DJ Adé took up digging for vinyl records as a major hobby. It was only a few years later that DJ Adé discovered club culture and parties that went into the early dawn. DJ Adé promptly purchased two turntables and a mixer and started performing at local house parties, lofts and underground venues.

Adé has been garnering enthusiastic audience response and critical praise for his wildly eclectic mix of any tracks that would make people dance, including Motown and Philly soul, Afro- Cuban and disco, new wave, punk, and classic hard rock.

DJ Adé is co-founder/producer/DJ of Utopia, a social event that has quickly grown into one of the most distinct and sought-after affairs to attend in Los Angeles. He is also a producer/DJ of The Nonsemble, a collective group of music enthusiasts that has produced jazz events throughout Los Angeles, including a night at the Ford Amphitheater.

Adé has traveled the world with residencies in Hong Kong and Cameroon, West Africa. Quite simply, DJ Adé takes listeners on a euphoric journey through assorted genres of music.